Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Training Plan

So I found a coach and am really excited about it.  I did consider some of the suggestions I got regarding Runners World, and other online training modules, but decided that I wanted something a little more personal.  I am someone that needs motivation and accountability to stay on track and I didn't think an online module would do it for me.  I ended up signing on with Tonia from Racing With Babies (I think I even got a suggestion for her in my comments :)).  I am a follower of her blog and saw that she had recently started offering her services as a trainer.  I always find her blogs to be informative and motivational so I thought it would be a great fit.  This is my first week - yesterday being my first run on the plan - and I am excited to see how it goes. 

My weekend was pretty nice- R and I went to Cooper Landing (with our dog Cooper, yes he is named after the place :)) where we have a cabin.  We spent the weekend hiking and cruising around the lake on our boat.  It is amazing how fast our weather is changing, the trees are already starting to turn.  It makes me a little sad that summer is over (at least in AK) but I also love the fall so I can't stay sad for long.  I will say that I had quite a scare on Saturday when we went on our wike.  We went down to a river bank and saw a recently eaten fish and evidence of bear scat.  I am TERRIFIED of bears (which can make summer hiking a little stressful here in AK) and had a nervous few minutes until we started heading back up.  My adrenaline got me up the incline pretty quick though :).  The rest of the weekend was a little less eventful but nice.

I have another run scheduled for today and am looking forward to it.  With the last couple of weeks being all over the place I have not worked out as much as I would've liked.  It will be nice to get back onto a schedule. 

Monday, August 23, 2010


So, obviously I took another little bloggy break.  I finished up with classes last week (and it was a doozey) and finally have a little bit of breathing room.  I am realizing that going to college as a fresh, bright eyed eighteen year old is quite a bit different than going as a slightly more cynical, bogged down with a full time job, thirty something year old.  This is not a complaint - just a straight out fact.  Those people that can hold down a full time job while raising a family and going to school full time have my respect because it is not easy (and I just have a boyfriend and dog to worry about - not even kids)!

With that out of the way I can now get on to the reason I started this blog- running.  I am still building up my base (again).  I have a training plan that I like and am sticking with it pretty closely- last week was a little dicey since I had finals and some papers I had to concentrate on- but otherwise it is going pretty well.  I am looking forward to this week because we are supposed to have some nice weather (it has been raining every day for about the last month- kinda depressing) and I would really like to get as many outdoor runs in as possible before the cold weather drives me indoors.  Although, I have to say that my attitude regarding treadmills has greatly improved over the last few months :).

So, I am thinking about getting an online trainer to help me get past the base hurtle - that time after building up to 30 minutes of continuous running and moving on to.....whatever is next.  I would really like to take running to the next level and am unsure how to create a good training plan that doesn't revolve around some type of distance race.  I really don't know how to do speedwork, or pick ups, or fartleks, or really any other type of running workout other than tie up the shoes, head outside and just run until I'm tired.  Has anyone had a trainer/coach before?  I am thinking about trying to get one online- any suggestions, thoughts? 

Here's to a good week and to those who still read my sporadic posts- Thanks :)!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Looking forward to Friday

I have gone a few days without a post and am missing it.  I am currently getting a degree online (funny, I got my BS a few years ago only to go back for a more practical AAS....ahhh, funny how life is) and the two classes I have right now are pretty challenging.  I had a big push this weekend and, to be honest, when I was done I just did not want anything to do with my computer for a couple of days.  I had online burnout :) which is too bad because there is a lot I enjoy doing online.

R and I went out of town this weekend, we have a cabin a couple of hours outside of town and we try to get down there as much as possible.  We spent the weekend haning out, floating the river, and playing with the Cooper (my dog).  It was great and I was so happy to get out of town- it's like a little mini vacation :).  I didn't run but did a lot of walking so at least I wasn't inactive. 

I have post poned my Monday run to Wednesday because I have a lot going on (broken car, broken work treadmill, broken weather) but I am hoping to have a decent run on Wed.  I haven't been able to increase mileage much yet because of my shins but I still take it as a good sign that they only hurt during the run, not after. 

I slid off the plant based diet over the weekend but have since gotten back on track.  I always get a little carried away with food when we go out of town :).  Well, here's to a good week and I can't wait to catch up on everyone's weekend blogs!