Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Looking forward to Friday

I have gone a few days without a post and am missing it.  I am currently getting a degree online (funny, I got my BS a few years ago only to go back for a more practical AAS....ahhh, funny how life is) and the two classes I have right now are pretty challenging.  I had a big push this weekend and, to be honest, when I was done I just did not want anything to do with my computer for a couple of days.  I had online burnout :) which is too bad because there is a lot I enjoy doing online.

R and I went out of town this weekend, we have a cabin a couple of hours outside of town and we try to get down there as much as possible.  We spent the weekend haning out, floating the river, and playing with the Cooper (my dog).  It was great and I was so happy to get out of town- it's like a little mini vacation :).  I didn't run but did a lot of walking so at least I wasn't inactive. 

I have post poned my Monday run to Wednesday because I have a lot going on (broken car, broken work treadmill, broken weather) but I am hoping to have a decent run on Wed.  I haven't been able to increase mileage much yet because of my shins but I still take it as a good sign that they only hurt during the run, not after. 

I slid off the plant based diet over the weekend but have since gotten back on track.  I always get a little carried away with food when we go out of town :).  Well, here's to a good week and I can't wait to catch up on everyone's weekend blogs!


Genesis said...

aw man i get burnt out too during the school year since school is online for me too. not looking forward to it in exactly 20 days.

glad you guys go a chance to get out of town. sounds like fun :)

Jill said...

I need a dose of computer burn-out so I can be more productive at home :). Glad you're getting a little out of town get-away, enjoy!!!

funderson said...

Yes, I have to go screen-free as well

Sherri said...

Have a Blast...we are finally going on a family vacation too!=)

Middle Name Marie said...

Glad you are back! Sounds like you have been busy!

Unknown said...

I found your blog from Tall Mom's 1,000 mile group. Thanks for blogging! I was just up in your neck of the country in June.