Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Run in a Month

Yesterday I ran for the first time in a month, almost to the day.  I waited a little longer than I had wanted but didn't want to risk re-injuring my ankle.  It was such a great run!!  It was a beautiful day - one of those not too hot not too cold days (perfect for working out)- and I couldn't wait to get out there and run.  When I first started out my foot felt a little sore but after my warm up it didn't hurt much at all.  I ran on pavement because I didn't want to risk tripping over any roots or rocks, just a nice even path.  I was really surprised at how good I felt, after a month of almost no exercise I was afraid I would be back at square one.  I ran two miles (and only walked .20 of that) at about a 15 min pace- a little slow (and I felt like I could go a little faster) but I didn't want to overdue anything- and my lungs and legs held up great.  I am so excited - I'm back :)!!!

I have put P90X on hold for now.  I was all gung ho to get started but decided that I wanted to wait a couple of weeks.  I want to build my cardio back up and even though I technically passed all the minimum tests I think I need to build myself up a little bit more.  I don't want to start, not be able to keep up, and then quit after day one.  Also, I have a 5 mile race coming up June 12th and this year I really want to train to run the entire thing (with very minimal walking) and get a PR- if I start P90X now I envision being very, very, very sore and maybe slacking on the running a little bit.  So, my goal is to start it on the 14th of June :).

Hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to a great week :)!


Stormee.M said...

Thats great that you got out ! Its ok to go slow after an injury. :)

Genesis said...

welcome back :)

i get weary about doing strnegth training too because i dont want to be sore when I go for a run!

Liz said...

Great news that you're back running - well done!

RunToTheFinish said...

wohooo glad you are back!!!

Meg said...

Way to go getting back to it! It's always so hard to get back on track after an injury. Great Job!