Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to motivate

I feel really good about how I've been doing on this "round" of building a running base.  I have the written plan in a place that I look at everyday (the fridge) and I have been good about following it.  With that said there are always hurdles and my biggest one is motivation.  It's not that I lack the motivation to become a runner just the motivation to get there.  If I miss my morning or lunchtime workout it's pretty much guaranteed that I will not do it after work.  If something last minute comes up I am all too willing to give up my run for the day (instead of finding a way to do both).  I know that I am building back up a habit that I lost a long time ago and that can be a tough thing to do.  I just hope that I am able to continue on track and find ways to get past my mental blocks.

This morning I did my usual 2min walk/2min run.  It was actually scheduled for yesterday but I didn't get done in the morning so.....(see above :)).  I am just glad that I got it in today and running/walking two days in a row shouldn't be a  problem.  I'm not keeping track of miles right now but did get in a little over 2 today- really slow but no painful shins or side stitches so think I'm on the right track :).

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Bethany said...

Good job at getting the workout in! I know its a hard challenge some days. I would imagine being up in AK, its even harder to find the motivation with the darkness becoming a bit more frequent and the weather getting colder. My hubs and I (& Baby too) may possibly be relocating to AK (shh, not widely known, haha), so I'll be following your blog! Are you on FB too? Would love to get to know you a bit more...