Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Normally I would be very excited about Thanksgiving but this year I am committed to two different dinners and I am a little nervous about how I'm going to be feeling by the end of the day (my guess is very, very stuffed).  R and I have been together for about 6 years now but somehow this is the first year that we're having dinner at his parents and my parents' houses.  Neither family is large (in fact, he and I are the only children locally) and neither are crazy holiday families so I am lucky on that count.  It's just strange that we now have to think of both families when planning around our holidays- I'm used to us each going our respective family homes and meeting up later.  I guess being engaged changes that a bit.  We have also decided to do a mini vacation at our cabin so we also have "us" time.

My running has been going well, up until this week.  I conquered my "after work" block and feel good about it- guess it's just been a busy week (short busy days at work, running around for Thanksgiving dinner supplies, etc).  I am looking forward to running today- I have to be careful about taking too many "rest days" since I am still building my base and don't want to lose what I've built up to thus far.  Still about 45 days from making it a habit (isn't it 60 days to form a habit?). 

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend :)!


Julie said...

I hope that Thanksgiving went well for you. Family dinners can sometimes be stressful, hopefully it turned out fab:)

I have been in sort of a running funk. I took a few weeks off and am slowly getting back into the swing of things. I know that I lost some fitness....Grrr! My fault but I think that I needed a break:) Good luck to you with your running!

Take care!

Breaking Pace said...

How was Thanksgiving? Hope everything went good. Planning for the holidays can be tough.
I just tagged you in my last post, a fun little Q&A we're passing around.