Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog?......What Blog?

I am quite obviously an inconsistent blogger.  My intentions are good- I want to be a regular, entertaining, insightful, CONSISTENT blogger but I just can't seem to get there.  I get on everyday and read other blogs (one of my favorite things to do :) ) but then it comes time for me to actually write a post and.....nothing.  I am hoping that over time I will get better and find a routine but until then I'm afraid I may just be a fair weather blogger.

On the running front things are actually going really well!  I am still building a base (it is progressing slower than I would like but it is progressing so I'm OK with that) and once I get done with the 5K training plan- hopefully mid April- I will start my half marathon training.  There are three races that I am looking: See Jane Run in Seattle (July), Big Wild Life Run in Anchorage (August), and Rock n Roll in Vegas (December).  I don't necessarily think I will do all three but am strongly aiming for at least two of them.  As long as I stay on track with my plans than I should be good :).

Today I have a 2 miler planned.  It is getting to be really nice here and I am itching to get outside and run.  The only problem is that it is doing the Spring melt/freeze here and the times of day that I would be able to run are the times when I would be most worried about hitting some ice patches.  It's probably going to be the treadmill for another month but at least I know the end of winter is in sight :).

Happy Friday!


funderson said...

I'm glad to hear you're still running! If you do Vegas let me know and we'll visit!

RunToTheFinish said...

ohhh vegas is a fun one, I did it the inagural year. Glad you are progressing!!!

Unknown said...

GL on your two miler!!! I'm hoping to get outdoors and run in this nice weather tomorrow too. (side note:) If you're ever looking for a guest blogger I'm your gal! Check out my blog and follow me back! Cheers!
- Liz