Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look towards 2011

I have been thinking about what I would like to accomplish in the new year.  I am not a big goal maker- whenever I have been asked about what my goals are (in interviews, by school counselors) it would be very difficult for me to come up with anything.  It's not that I am an unambitious person, it's just that I am afraid of committing to a goal and not following through with it.  I don't like putting these in writing, or telling others about them, only to let them fall by the way side a few months later.  I've decided that I want this year to be different.  I think it will be good for me to have a few goals that I can work for and look forward to throughout the year.  I thought about it and I have five that I think are attainable, realistic, and positive for me.  And here they are.......

1. Run 1000 miles in 2011 - last year I thought I would try this but it was a bit over ambitious.  I think it's still ambitious but I have a much stronger base at this time than I did last year. 

2. Race in a half marathon- again, something that I had wanted to do last year, but due to an injury (and my mental inability to get back into running after recovery) this did not happen

3. Run a 10 minute mile- right now I am at about 14min/mile.  I am hoping that by the end of the year I can improve this

4. Reduce the amount of processed foods I eat- fueled by recently watching 'Food Inc'....scary stuff

5. Limit animal products to 1-2 days per week- this one is going to be really tough, I am a big meat eater and lover of cheese but I really want to work on improving my health and losing weight

***Bonus Goal- Be a better blogger (I really enjoy blogging but have been very inconsistent the last few months)

So, these are my goals for the year to come.  I only hope that having them here in writing (and my personal written copy) will help keep me focused and on track.


Sherri said...

those are strong goals...I'm excited to read about your 2011 adventures! =)

Teamarcia said...

All great goals. Here's to a wonderful 2011!

Raina said...

Those are some good goals! I find that putting them out there in writing helps me to stay accountable.

Glad you found the menu! I hope it helps. I looked at week 4 today and I am making some changes (stroganoff for spaghetti)- It's nice to have a plan, but also to be flexible.

Thanks for your kind comment :)