Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is it February Already???

Well, I wish that I could write this post (after soooo long) and say that I have been following through on all of my new year goals and resolutions......but I can't.  January sped by and it was a little too easy for me to slack off on the running while finishing up with school (thank goodness I'm done with that!) and if it wasn't for my wonderful dog needing a lot of walks I don't know if I would have gotten any activity in this last month.  I'm not too bummed- I can't beat myself up too much I mean what's done is done right?  I can just regroup and try and start again...and again.....and again....and, if necessary, again.  I am getting used to this pattern :).

One thing that I would like some advice on (if anyone is still willing to check out this greatly slacking blog :) ) is treadmills.  I am in the market for one and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on brand, type, whatever other categories there may be?  There are SO many of them that it's a little overwhelming.  I would like to buy new (some friends have not had the greatest luck on purchasing used ones) and my price range caps at $1000 (hoping that is middle of the road).  All suggestions will be very much appreciated.

I am once again restarting my base building phase of training.  I got 42 minutes in today (about 2.42 miles) of walking/running.  If felt pretty good which makes me think that I haven't lost ALL fitness that I had built up in December.  As of this week I am on track and hoping that I can get through the month that way. 

How have you done so far with your New Year Resolutions/Goals now that January is done and gone?

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