Monday, March 22, 2010

New Week, New Accomplishment

Last week was a bit of a "blah" week for me in terms of, well, everything. Job hunting is getting a bit frustrating, my days are getting harder to fill (time to bring out the paint), and running was not feeling too great. All of this was followed by a FABULOUS weekend out of town with the BF and the pup and I came back feeling recharged and refreshed.

Today I got back on my running schedule and it was GREAT! I ended up using the treadmill because I wasn't sure how I would feel and I ran my first straight mile and all but .10 of the second mile (after a two minute walk in between). I couldn't believe it! Up until now I have been able to go for about 4/5 minutes and then would have to walk for a minute. Today I just felt like pushing and viola- an entire mile... This really makes me feel like I am making progress and that I just might make it into the realm of continuous running.

Have a great week :-)!!


Sherri said...

You are doing awesome! Keep at it!

Genesis said...

congrats on the run. it always feels good to accomplish such runs. I remember when I first started running I almost cried when I finally ran an entire mile without walking. lol.

akjenniekt said...

Yeah, I've been waiting awhile for this moment :-). Nice when hard work pays off!