Monday, March 29, 2010

One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

Today was a little discouraging.  For the first time since I've started running (about 2 1/2 months ago) I ran on pavement.  It's either been the treadmill or snow packed trails, both of which seemed a lot easier then the pavement.  I've said before that I know the treadmill can be deceiving and today proved that for me.  On the treadmill I can run a full mile without stopping.  On a treadmill I run a 14 min/mile (yes, snail pace I know but still...).  On a treadmill I can see what my pace and distance is.  On pavement....let me just say UGH!!!  I felt every step, and not in a good way.

Sorry, I know that I am being a bit of a downer but last week was great for me so this was a little slap in the face.  On the upside I have decided that all of my runs, weather permitting, are now going to be outside on the road so I can start building on that.  I have mapped out a nice 3.5 mile out and back that I think I am going to start making my daily run (long runs may have to wait until I'm comfortable with the 3.5).

On to exciting news- my Garmin was delivered today!  I got the Forerunner 305 and have it charging now so I can start playing with it.  I kept reading about other bloggy runners that use them so I got curious and did some research on them.  What a wonderful tool to have for running!  I am getting to a place where I am more concerned with mileage and pacing then just with running for 30 minutes and calling it good.  The Garmin will allow me to go on runs pretty much anywhere and still be able to track how many miles I'm running and at what pace.  I can't wait to strap it on!

Happy Monday!


Genesis said...

i actually felt the opposite. when i get on the treadmill i dread every second of it and feel its way worst than running on pavement. when im outside i can actually push myself further and i actually started out running outside so maybe that made a difference? but i did spend a big chunk of last year on a treadmill.

congrats on the Garmin! so heres the deal now that you've got one....whatcha gonna name it? everyone names theirs. lol. I just named mine Gigi.

akjenniekt said...

hmmm, name huh? i will have to think about that a bit :-)...

Suzy said...

Hang in there. Changing to pavement can be quite a challenge. Enjoy your garmin - you'll love it.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

RunToTheFinish said...

Thanks for the comment today!! I'm actually going to visit alaska for the first time in june after I run the seattle marathon!!

I think that we starting out the treadmill can be very comforting, but as you start to get more used to running you'll fnd new joys in the outdoors too

Sherri said...

I just got my garmin too! I have used it about 5 times and really like it! I think you are doing awesome! I have a hard time running on the treadmill, and I love the outside. But I have 5 kids and a traveling husband and I live where the winters are bitter cold. So I have had to use the treadmill a ton. And I have to say ..i enjoy it more now! So I agree, running on pavement will help you to enjoy it more!