Monday, March 15, 2010

Rough Starting Week

Today I have definitely experienced a case of "the Mondays" (man, I am really not into that expression). The day started off not too crazy, got up and got ready to take my boyfriend to the airport (he's gone for work for the week :-( ) and planned on hitting the gym on my way home to get in my short run for the day. On the way to the airport I realized that I had forgotten to put the oil cap back on yesterday when I put a quart in my car. The engine was covered in oil and I had to make it to the nearest auto supply shop to get a new cap. Now, this may seem like a silly thing to do (and it is) but the worst part about it is that it was the SECOND time I had done that within a two month time period. I really hate saying this about myself but talk about a blonde moment (and I actually am blonde so not trying to knock the fair haired out there). The first time I got lucky and the cap was still under the hood- this time not so lucky. Well, let's just say I got an earful the rest of the way to the airport. Sigh...

When I got to the gym I was feeling pretty good. My legs were only slightly sore from Saturdays run, I wasn't too full or too hungry (that really seems to affect my performance), and I had just loaded some new songs onto my ipod. I was ready to go and was thinking that two miles would be a piece of cake compared to the five I had done the day before. Wow, was I mistaken. My legs felt like a couple of lead weights. Even after a 10 minute warm up I was hurtin' that first mile. My shins hurt, I felt like I was sucking wind, and I had to walk a lot more than I had expected to. My pace was the same as always (just shy of 15 min/mile) but I don't think there is any way I could've done more than two. I noticed last week that things didn't start feeling good until at least a mile in but that just wasn't happening today. Maybe the five took more of a toll than I realized (I sure didn't feel to bad yesterday or this morning). Tomorrow is my rest day but I am going to try and get some strength training and spin in. I think I need to really work on getting stronger in order to get the mileage up.

Still feeling good that I got out there, I am definitely on a good schedule and training plan and am glad that I am sticking to it- lead legs and all.

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