Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So today I signed up for a series of races that are coming up over the next couple of months.  I am actually excited about this because it is just what I need to help me get out of my current rut.  Technically I am planning to sign up for a half this fall but I haven't officially started the training plan yet (it's a 12 week plan and I am still building up to be able to start it) and I was hoping to get some shorter races in beforehand.  I also think I needed some tangible short term goals to work on (other than losing weight which can be overwhelming at times).  I looked at the local running calendar tonight and went a little crazy- I was signed up for four races within an hour.  The first one is a 5K the 8th of May, then a 4 miler a week later, on to a 12K 3 weeks after that, and finally a 5 miler on June 12th.  I think they are all within my range (if I pick up the pace like right now) and I think it's a pretty good progression of distance.  I can't wait :)!

My run today was pretty good.  I almost didn't go because of a late, late lunch where I overindulged a bit too much (he he he) and feeling a little sore from the run/weights yesterday.  But I got my lazy butt up and hit the gym for my usual 2.5 miles (man, I really need to get off that number :)).  Since I knew I wasn't going to increase the mileage tonight (I felt happy just getting there) I decided to at least pick up the pace.  For the first mile I ran at a 12:28/mile (about a 1:20 faster than my "usual" pace) and for the second mile 13:22 (about :26 sec quicker).  It was hard, definitely, but it felt really good to push myself in some way.  I was able to do the whole first mile without pausing or slowing down (yesterday I wasn't) and for the second mile I walked for 1 minute at the half mile point.  I think I might try and aim for 12:30 as my pace for now (until I feel ready for another increase) I mean it was hard but I was able to keep up with it so I think it's within my capability.

Another great day- I really do feel refocused and raring to go.  YIPPEE!!

'We run because it makes us feel like runners, no matter how slow or how fast we go'
Florence Griffith Joyner and John Hanc 


Liz said...

You are doing great! I started running in my 30s too, and could only manage 2 minutes before I had to stop. I gradually built up to 20 minutes, then kept going - now I'm training for my first marathon. It's hard, but so rewarding! Good luck!

Stormee.M said...

Sighing up for those races just might be what you need. In order for me to stay motivated I sign up for races as well.
It takes time to get your pace and miles down. I have been stuck at 10:12 for weeks, and Im going nuts . Good Luck and you can do this ! :)

ShutUpandRun said...

Love the quote...and good for you for getting some races on the books!

funderson said...

I love races...I'm not crazy about racING, but you can't beat the people watching

Sherri said...

Signing up for races always helps pick me up from a rut also! I'm excited for you....races are fun...I can't wait to hear how you do!

The un-Zen Runner said...

I'm the same way when it comes to motivation. I need a race to kick my butt into gear. Good work on improving your performance.